Lobster Box Recipes

Our menu has been developed with one overriding objective in mind.

Guests to be able to eat the freshest tastiest Seafood from anywhere, as easily as possible. 


Our side dishes have been inspired by my love of Seafood, Fruit & Curry Spices... A mixture of strong, spicy and distinctive flavours that don't over power the sweet and subtlety of the Fresh Cornish Lobster.


Creating a ready to eat, served cold offering that works perfectly alongside Fresh Lobster, retains full flavour, doesn't over power the Lobster & isn't just a "Salad".

Why Bulgur Wheat ?

All of our Boxes come with the choice of a Bulgur Wheat. 
We have used this particular grain for our side dishes as unlike other wheat grains Bulgur wheat retains both flavour and texture when it is cooked... This allows us to add various ingredients to the grain (at different times during the cooking process) giving us a multi flavour side dish with each bite hitting a different level of the taste buds while retaining a firmer texture.


Bulgur Wheat, full of flavour is delicious served cold.

Smoked Mackerel Bulgur

For our Smoked Mackerel Bulgur dish we soak dried vine fruit in a chicken and spice stock, the vine fruit rehydrates in the stock, before adding the Smoked Mackerel, the saltiness of the smoked mackerel is cooked out into the sauce before adding the Bulgur Wheat which soaks up all of the remaining flavour. Finished off with some dried Cranberries to give the dish a little extra bite and sweetness balancing the spice and salt which is cooked into the stock. Topped with Crispy Onion to serve.

Salted Cray Tail Bulgur

Cooked in much the same way as the smoked mackerel bulgur but with a slightly lighter fruity twist... Towards the end of the cooking process we add fresh pineapple just before the Bulgur is added to the sauce, the pineapple retains its bite and doesn't cook into the sauce and works perfectly alongside the saltiness of the Salted Cray Tail, releasing some fruit juice when bitten into. 


King Prawn Slaw

We have developed this dish with the depth of flavours within our Bulgur dish in mind...

Our king prawn slaw is dressed in a salted fish & fresh fruit aioli, the bitter, sweet and juiciness of the ingredients used in the dressing along with the crunchiness of the vegetables is paired perfectly alongside the softer and easy to eat bulgur dishes.

Devilled Egg Potato

Wanting to add something subtly sharp to our menu alongside another carb side dish we created our devilled egg potato. Containing Potato, Eggs, Horseradish, Nut Oil, Parsley, Pickled Beetroot, Pickled Cabbage, Mustard & Aioli... Works perfectly with the depth of flavours in the Bulgur dishes & the sweet saltiness of the Slaw.


With two to choose from in each box one being sweeter & one being spicier, working alongside not only the Lobster but also all other sides within each box.


Can be eaten fresh or flashed in the oven to warm through, perfect for soaking up some of the flavour which has escaped & found itself on your plate.

LB Butter

Our boxes have been designed to be able to eat the Lobster both hot and cold... As a chef I prefer to eat my Lobster Cold, I think that the Lobster has a much fresher & firmer texture when it is eaten cold. However we do include LB Flavoured butter in all of our boxes should you want to warm your Lobster through in the oven. All of our sides work perfectly alongside the Lobster whether it is served hot or cold.

Scallop Three Ways

If like myself you absolutely love Scallops then I highly recommend this dish, which only takes around 3 minutes to cook and 4 / 5 minutes to serve.

3 main points to this dish being delicious:

1. Butter - We have added sweet ingredients to our butter to aide the caramelization process

2. Lemon - Squeezing Lemon over the Scallops while cooking bringing out a sharper stronger flavour

3. Toppings - All have a slight sweetness to them which works perfectly with how they are cooked

Not to mention, it only takes 3 minutes to cook!


The Journey

Cam - Head Chef


Growing up in Cornwall as a keen waterman from a very young age, Cam the chef has always had a strong connection with the sea. Leaving the home turf to travel and experience different cultures at a young age, and learning to become a chef along the way presented unique opportunities to learn many styles of food & flavours. Having worked in Rosette restaurants in the UK to the secrets of homemade curries in Sri Lanka or Seafood banquets in New Zealand, it’s the ocean and sea connection

that’s been consistent throughout.

Lobster Boxes flavours have been nurtured through experimental experience,

with a love for


culture &


of all kinds...

Bringing these learnings and lessons back to the homeland with the freedom of expression to put them in The Lobster Box.

Lobster Box was born.

Easy to finish fresh Seafood meals at home, original flavour, minimal effort.

Although we may not be cooking for you, we are passionate about designing our boxes in such a way as to retain full flavour without any fuss.

We believe that if you are buying a "Finish at home" meal box, it shouldn't be a basket full of shopping and a recipe card, but a tasty, chef cared for experience,

with the ability to be able to be put together in minutes.

Lobster at home

Our Suppliers

Delivering the freshest Lobster from local fishermen...

Our main supplier "Tizzardlee-on" sails off the North Cornish Coast when conditions are safe, skippered by Daniel Gilbert..


Having grown up in a family of fishermen he feels most at home on the water. 

Having supplied the seafood used at the G20 Summit, gathering at the Eden project. 


It's safe to say... we're in safe hands!

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