Sweet & Salty Oysters

Sweet & Salty Oysters



Our Ready to eat boxes come with everything ready to go, there is a small amount of mixing & plating left to do.



4 Sweet & Salty Cooked Oysters

Chicken Vine Fruit Rehydrated Bulgur,

Samphire, Crispy Onion


Lunch Main:

Prepped & Dressed Cornish Lobster


Served with:

Smoked Seafood Vine Fruit Tabbouleh


Accompanied by:

Sweet Seafood Dressed Slaw

Devilled Egg Potatoes

Tomato, Onion & Cucumber Salad

Chilli Garlic Aioli

Focaccia - Rosemary Sea salt



Mint Rum & Banana, Amaretto Hydrated Vine Fruit, Clotted Cream & Brandy Snap 


**Contains LB flavoured butter & Instructions should you want to warm your Lobster through in the oven**


** Our recipes have been developed by our chef & custom to our boxes... Our Coleslaw is dressed with Seafood, fruit & chilli... The Bulgur contains Chicken stock, Nut Oil, Fruit, Chili with Smoked Seafood & our Potato Salad made with Nut Oil before being added to the dressing which contains boiled eggs. For this reason we are unable to cater for Allergies & Intolerances. However if you would love to try our food and have an intolerance please do get in contact with us and we will do what we can - chef@lobsterboxcornwall.co.uk **


    4 Oven or BBQ cooked Oysters (per Person) which are topped with a delicious Sweet & Salty Topping... all brought together with a Chicken cooked bulgur, sweet Vine fruit & some salty Samphire...


     This Starter requires around 7/8 minutes of very simple cooking... the Lobster Box main is 100% ready to eat straight out of the box and requires zero cooking... the box includes LB butter and instructions should you prefer your Lobster warm.. Takes only around 5 minutes in a pre heated oven.


    Due to the nature of our produce we do not cater for allergens and intolerances straight out of the box... However if you have an intolerance please contact the chef at cam@lobsterboxcornwall.co.uk and he will work with you to make our boxes suitable wherever we can.


    Local Delivery: Dispatched every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.. Deliveries are made between 11am - 5pm and we will email you once your order has been dispatched. Food stays fresh in your fridge for up to 48 hours.


    All food is delivered in temperature controlled packaging and can be left in a safe place should you not be in to recieve your delivery. 


    National delivery: Disptched Wednesdays & Thursdays via 24Hr DPD next day delivery.

    The courier will text you with an estimated arival time & you are able to inform them of a safe place for the package to be left, should you not be home to recieve it in person.


    Please be aware: I cannot be responsible for any packages left unattended after delivery, please ensure all care is taken to eliminate any potential problems that may arise.



    We are able to cancel your delivery for a full refund up until 9am the day before dispatch. Please get in contact with the team in dispatch - info@lobsterboxcornwall.co.uk and we will only ever be to happy to help.

    Due to the nature of our produce we are unable to accept returns for any of our fresh food, should you have any problems at all please get in contact with the team and we will always do all we can.

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