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A Scallop Calamari starter that's plated in just a few minutes. Everything is really simple to finish off. Pre-prepared, hand flavoured before being dispatched for you to follow the easy instructions to enjoy your 3 course Seafood meal. Only 5 minutes of stress free kitchen time and minimal mess to plate.


Your Ready to eat Lobster box comes with everything ready to go, there is a small amount of mixing and plating left to do. All Lobster Boxes include our own unique flavoured butter should you prefer your Lobster warm.



Fermented pistachio, fermented pineapple, burnt onion & chilli miso glaze half shell scallop,

Korean spiced peanut & rice noodle salad, mango & garlic Calamari, apple salsa, pickled ginger.



Freshly Prepped Dressed Whole Cornish Lobster - Per Person

Served With:

Smoked Seafood Vine Fruit Tabbouleh

Accompanied by:

Pickled Vegetable Topped Deviled Egg Potato

Sweet Seafood Dressed Slaw

Mint Pickled Tomato,

Pot Box Sauce,


Dessert, Choice Of:

Cornish Saffron bun pudding - Cornish clotted cream - (can be eaten hot or cold).

Banana, Rum & Coriander Cheesecake - fermented walnut & biscuit base.

Chocolate mousse cake - Raspberry glaze & salted dark chocolate.

Lime Posset - stem ginger, gin & thyme gel, cinnamon shortbread.

Chocolate & almond fondant - (Requires 11 minutes in the oven).


**Contains LB flavoured butter and Instructions should you want to warm your Lobster through in the oven**


** Our recipes have been developed by our chef & custom to our boxes... Our Coleslaw is dressed with Seafood, fruit, chilli... The Bulgur contains Chicken stock, Nut Oil, Fruit, Chilli with Smoked Seafood. Our Potato Salad made with Nut Oil and seafood before being added to the dressing which contains boiled eggs. For this reason we are unable to cater for Allergies / Intolerances straight out of the box. However if you would love to try our food and have an allergy / intolerance please do get in contact with us and we will always do what we can. **


  • Starter:

    Your half shell scallops come attached to the shell to avoid damage in transit, all flavours for the Scallops are pre prepared & flavoured, only taking around 5 minutes to plate.



    Everything in The Lobster Box is completely ready to eat, your Lobster has been cooked and dressed making it easy to enjoy. The Lobster can be eaten cold straight out of the box or warmed through with the LB pre flavoured butter , taking only ⅘ minutes to warm through in the oven.

    All sides are ready to eat out of the Lobster Box. With a small amount of assembly, topping both the Deviled Egg Potato & the Tabbouleh.


    Cornish Saffron bun pudding with Cornish clotted cream - (can be eaten hot or cold).

    Banana, Rum & Corriander Cheesecake with a fermented walnut & biscuit base.

    Chocolate mousse cake topped with Raspberry glaze & salted dark chocolate.

    Lime Posset, stem ginger, gin & thyme gel, cinnamon shortbread.


    Gooey warm served Chocolate & almond fondant. (Requires 11 minutes in the oven).


    Three courses of fresh flavour & only around 5 minutes of cooking. Everything arrives with simple easy to follow instructions. Food remains fresh for at least 24 hours after delivery.


    Enjoy at your own pace. If you’re not in a rush, neither are we!

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