Sunday Family BBQ Box

Sunday Family BBQ Box

Exclusively put together for Queenwood Holiday guests, this Sunday Family Summer Roast Box has been designed for familys to enjoy a Meat BBQ with a Summer Roast Dinner Twist.


Everything is pre prepared and comes with very simple and easy to understand instructions, the sides take minutes to put together and the mains can be easily constructed to your own consistancy over the BBQ (or Oven). Its a Sunday Stay in Holiday Feast.


Choose Your Meat:


Tommahawk Steak

Rack of Lamb - Rosemarry & Lemon marinated (Sous Vide Medium Rare)

Pork Belly (Sours Vide 24 Hours)




Yorkshire Puddings

BBQ Mini Sausages

Garlic Mini Roast Potatoes

Lemon Cabbage

Buttered Sprouts

Medeteranian Vegetables

Carrot, Sultana & Coriander Salad

Sunday Slaw

Butternut Squash Salad

Tomato & Onion Salad

Cornish Samphire


All served with a slightly lighter Sumnmer Gravy, Meat Sauces and accompanyments.




Rich & Gooey Chocolate Brownie with Cornish Clotted Cream



*** Box is made up for family of four people, you can add more children and adults before adding the box to the cart ***


    This box is designed to make a Sunday Roast feast as easy as possible to finish off from the comfort of your Queenwood accomodation.


    The Roast Potatoes which come with Goose Fat are pre softened and can either be fried on a flat top grill or cooked in he oven on a baking tray... All vegetables have been prepped and pre softened & require only minimal effort to put the final touches too, arriving in vac pack bags they can be boiled in hot water in the bags to warm through...


    Minimal mess, minimal hassel.

PriceFrom £135.00