Frequently Asked Questions


How does Delivery work?

Local: We aim to have all of our deliveries made before 5pm.

Collecting the freshest Lobster from local fishermen on the day of your order, sending it straight to our Kitchen, preparing it with fresh starters, sides and desserts and delivering it instantly. This is no easy task.

Working along side local fishermen to collect freshest ingredients means that on occasion deliveries are made slightly later than we would like. We are relying on no end of external forces to ensure we can deliver the freshest ingredients. We liaise with our suppliers constantly & will email you once your delivery is dispatched from our kitchen.


National: We Dispatch your order on Wednesday or Thursday via DPD next day delivery… We will email you once DPD have collected your Box & DPD will text you a delivery slot when they know an estimated time of arrival. You are able to inform the driver by replying to this text whether you would like the package left in a safe place or with a neighbour, should you not be in.

Why do all your mains come with the same sides?

Are you always able to supply Lobster?

Due to the nature of the product we are supplying it is of course not always possible to be able to supply lobster, Fishermen have to deal with any number of potential threats which prevent them from sailing and collecting their pots..
However to ensure that we have the maximum chance of being able to supply lobster in our boxes we are working with as many suppliers as we can.. On very rare occasions we may be forced into a position where we are not able to get the supply for a particular day, but we will always give as much notice as possible & go above and beyond to do all that we can to ensure our customers are happy and do have contingency plans in place.

Are you able to swap items on the menu?

We want to ensure that you are delighted with your order and that the meal is to your taste… As chefs, we prefer to serve our food as it was intended, however if there are items on a menu which you do not like please leave us a note in the checkout, we will always do what we can.

Is it possible to get a refund if I have a change of plans?

We can offer a full refund up until 11am two days before dispatch.. After this time we are unable to guarantee a full refund as we will have ordered fresh ingredients from our suppliers…

However will always work with you to ensure you are happy. Please get in contact with the guys in dispatch at should you need to talk to us about your order.

The price of Lobster fluctuates along with the seasons, good old fashioned supply & demand... As such, when Lobster is more expensive for us to source, our prices rise, when lobster is cheaper to source we reduce our prices.

Why do you not cater for intolerances & allergens ?


Why does you pricing structure fluctuate?

Having tried and tested various combinations of ingredients since launching the menu which we love and all of those who have tried is the are custom dishes & sides. All the flavours work together which means that it is very user friendly, it is easy to put the finishing touches too, it travels well & of course, they are delicious.

Our recipes are not standard recipes... For example, we put shellfish into our coleslaw & cook our potato sides with nut oil. It is these subtle flavour enhancing notes which make the dishes so delicious.

IF you have a intolerance or allergen and would still like to buy our flavours please email we will always try and substitute / make allowances where we can.